Nowadays, SEO is the root of every business to grow business on the internet or a country. It’s because the majority of consumers are using search engines like Google search the products, brands and services they require most.

According to research, 90% of online activities begin with search engines. Hubs pot’s report based on, 65% of online marketers state that SEO is the top priority for their coming in marketing.

There are various factors involved in SEO ranking. It’s not easy work to get the rank on the search engine. There is a huge Competition to rank in a single keyword on the search engine. Many companies are using the search engine and consumers are confused about what is good for him and useful for it.

More websites are available on SEO, more advertising can reach the top list of search engines.

Add more content, deliver more value and strive to more arrangements and more to improve SEO.

So, here we guide on how to increase SEO optimization results. The useful tips to get started with improving online reach.

Tips to improve SEO ranking

Do effective keyword research

: The right keywords are searching is decisive to improve SEO ranking to websites. It also helps you to understand the consumer in a better way and allows you to drive more organic traffic on your websites.

There are four common mistakes while people do when researching keywords;

  • Not aiming for long-tail keywords
  • Not using relevant keywords
  • Not evaluating the popularity of the keywords
  • Not focusing on more than one keyword

Designing and implementing a hard keyword strategy will help you strengthen your position on the SEO result pages. If you are doing right, it will help your websites receive for a long time to run.

Start with an SEO website audit

:  Do you want to find the best ways to improve SEO for your website, so, you will start with an SEO website audit. It will help you find your site’s weaknesses and strengths.

With the help of this, you will be able to understand your strengths while doing a strategic improvement to weak areas of your search engine.

The search engine optimization audit involves looking at

  • Your website structure 
  • Improvement in HTML or coding 
  • Improvement in website loading speed 
  • Information architecture
  • Improvement in Existing content
  • The purpose of the audit is starting to develop a strategic plan for improvement.

Fix duplicate content

: The search engine needs fresh content for the websites. When you post duplicate content on websites that are creating an issue, for this reason, they can affect SEO.

Unique and fresh content is appreciated by Google. Those companies are using new content for their websites definitely will rise on SEO.

It’s important to regularly recheck your website for duplicate content. And correct these kinds of issues before they begin to bring down your SERP ranking.

Sometimes companies hire freelancers as a content writer for the websites. And some freelancers post duplicate content for the websites. So, you must be aware of these kinds of tricks.

Optimize your website from mobile:

Mobile site optimization is no longer optional for business. In India sixty percent of people use mobile phones to search for a product or services on the internet. So make sure if you’re designing your site, you will want to make sure the site is built with a mobile user in mind


If you want your search engine page to reach the top list, your content should be readable and untestable to the audience. Nowadays, the audience is very wise and they know the content is best or not. And the language of content is important to your website.

Make sure your content is easy and understanding helps make it useful to your reader. Good content can always attract the audience. High quality of writing, grammar, and punctuation many more things are important in content writing. So, always your content must be readable.

You can use several tools for your content’s readability:

  • The readability test tool
  • Readability statistics in MS word

Layout and Formatting:

A user-friendly layout and complete formatting can help to improve user experience. It makes your content easy to scan and digest. So, the interested reader will stay on your website as long and consume your website information.

Formatting can help to improve website usability by making content is easy for the reader:

  • Using a front size and typography is easy to read and untestable.
  • Use short paragraphs and ample line spacing in between and nobody like a wall to text
  • Using a bulleted or numbered list for clarity
  • By using like sliders, tabs, progressive layouts, Menu, structured grids, modal windows, rollover elements, CTR button,  accordions, and a mega drop-down menu to organize content and add interactivity.
  • Break the content into a section with subheads. Using proper header tags including keywords and also improve SEO ranking.