For half of a century, consumers media consumption was dominated by offline media. Today more than half of media comes through digital channels. Reaching consumers through digital channels of a several advantages of a traditional offline marketing.

First, Firms ability to target specific consumers have increase greatly.
example- An online retailer can decide to advertise only to those consumers that have visited his online store.

The second big advantage of Digital Marketing is “Measurement” Online its possible to track individual consumers across time and even a cross devices with measurement comes the ability to optimize, testing two different appetizing campaigns. Suppose A B testing is easy in digital marketing. Yet many firms struggle to embrace it.

Why? Why inhabitators for digital marketing acceptance is nobelty. Digital marketing instruments are still in the flux and come & go quickly. Moreover, understanding an integrated various digital marketing instruments is not an easy task. Show off a way for use signals don’t exist. Yet which potentially exposes emphasis to risk a failing. Most important challenge is mind set for 50 years marketing executive based their decision, situation, experience and gut feeling. Today marketing executive need analytical skills at least as much as need situation.