What is .NET?

.Net is framework software that is developed and designed by Microsoft. The first version came into existence was 1.0 into 2002. In a very simple language we can say that .NET is a virtual machine for aggregating and executing programs can work in different languages like C#, VB.NET, C++ and F#. It is a programming guideline used to develop a wide range of form based applications and web services. .NET includes a large class library whose name is framework class library (FCL) and also provides language which can be written in other languages that supports also complex and simple data structure as well. It is a developer and open source program platform that helps in preparing different kinds of application for mobile phones, web, windows services, web services in XML and console applications etc that give an interactive functionalities and supports industry standards.

Dot Net Syllabus

Here DMS provides you a complete syllabus of .net. This will also help you to get some ideas and update about the course. But before knowing that we’ll tell you it has some basic and advanced course contents. Basic contents include ASP.NET, C#, SQL server, ADO.NET and advanced course contents are Angular js, ASP.NET MVC, jquery, Entity Framework, linq, Ajax.NET, JSON etc

Module 1

Introduction to .NET

Introduction of Language

Introduction of Web Application

Platform Dependence , Independence & Portability

Introduction of .NET Framework

Introduction of Compiler & MSIL

Introduction of CLR

Introduction of CLS, CTS, CLI

Module 2

OOPs Implementation

Encapsulation, Abstraction, Class & object

Relation b/w objects and reference variables

Method Overloading & Types of Methods

Description of Memory blocks: Stacks, Heap & Class Area

Constructors and Destructor & Garbage


Using Scope & Dispose Method

Usage of this keyword

Static Data members, Constructors & methods

Relation & Implementing Has-A relation

Implementing Is-A relation using Inheritance

Method Overriding & Hiding

Usage of Base keyword

Static & Dynamic binding

Runtime polymorphism and generalization

Abstract classes & methods

Interfaces and Role based Inheritance

Usage of sealed, partial, out, ref, pram



Assembly & GAC

Property & Indexer

Windows Application

Delegates & Event

Event Handling

Windows App. Component.

Object class and its role

Module 3

String Handling

String class & concept of Immutability

Pool of String Constants & its use

Common String operations

Use of String Builder

Module 4

Exception Handling

Difference b/w exception and error

Exception Handling & Robustness

Common Exceptions and Errors

Try and catch block

Exception handlers throw keyword and its usage

Role of finally

Exception Class Methods & properties

Creating User defined Exceptions

Module 5

Multithreading in .NET

Multitasking and Multithreading

Process & thread

States of Thread

Thread based execution model of .NET


Implementing User threads

Thread synchronization

Inter Thread communication

Thread Interrupting

Daemon Threads and their use

Module 6

Input Output Streams

Streams & their advantages over

conventional input output

Reading & writing data byte by byte, line by line, and in one go.

Redirecting Standard input & output streams

Serialization & Deserialization

Serialization Formatter

Xml Formatter

Binary Formatter

Soap Formatter

Json Formatter

File class and File System Interaction

Zip & Unzip Files

Module 7


Understanding object representation of classes

Loading classes dynamically

Instantiating classes indirectly

Obtaining information of classes dynamically

Invoking methods indirectly

Referencing data members indirectly

Overriding access policy and referencing private members

Module 8

Collection Framework

Role and Importance of Collection Framework

Index Based Collection Array List, Stack,


Use Define Collection

Map Based Collection Use of Key & Value pair (Entry)

Hash Table, Sorted List

Searching elements in List, Hash and Tree based collections

Role of equals and hashCode() methods

Role of Comparable interfaces

Type safety and Generics

Generic Collection

List ,Stack ,Queue ,Dictionary ,Linked List ,Sorted List

Module 9

Database Connectivity Using ADO.NET

Overview of Database & Database Server

Introduction of SQL Server 2008

DML & DDL Query

Join , Trigger , Procedure & function


Connected Layer

Connection, Command & Data Reader

Disconnected Layer

Adaptor, Data Set, Table, Row & Column

ODBC, OLEDB, Oracle Client

Connectivity with Oracle ,Access, Excel & MySql

Connection Pooling

Module 10

Web Application Programming Using Asp.NET

Web application architecture

Static Web Page

Application Life Cycle

Dynamic Page

Page Life Cycle & Event Method

Html & Server Control

Server Control Event Life Cycle

State Management

Url Rewriting, Hidden Form Field, View State,
Session, Cookies & Application.

Global class & Event Method

Uploading & Downloading

Page Directives

Data Source

SqlDataSource, XmlDataSource, SiteMapDataSource & ObjectDataSource

Data Control

DataList, DetailsView, FormView, GridView, ListView & Repeater

Validation Control

CompareValidator, CustomValidator, RangeValidator, RegularExpressionValidator & ValidationSummary


Menu, SiteMapPath & TreeView

Login Control & Membership

Login, LoginName, LoginStaus, LoginView, PasswordRecovery, ChangePassword, CreateUserWizaed.

Ajax Extensions

ScriptManager, UpdatePanel, UpdateProgress & Timer

Globelization & loclization

Master Page & Style them




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Career Scope after completing .NET course

Most of the IT (Information technology) companies are adopting .NET technology to develop the software in their respective organization. So this is a high opportunity for the students to shift professions in this field if you want to be a part of the IT sector.

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